Acrobat Ant Control BD is the most successful life form on earth. Most of the species live outdoor, however, some can go inside structures and became a nuisance, pose a health threat, and cause structural damage.

All ants live in colonies of hundreds or thousands, will have one or more queens depended on species, workers ant control, male winged reproductive(warmers or slates). This is the only time a male is produced.

After Swarming:  A Thousand of Warmers can leave the nest and swarm in what is called a nuptial flight. And mate. It could be a mistake it for termites, especially when they go inside structures. After mating in nuptial flight, the male dies.

The winged female will search for a suitable nest site. Tear of wings and begin a colony.

The female ant layout eggs and young develop into workers, they will take over the queens duties except egg laying. Establish a colony is difficult and 90% of the new queens will fail.

 Ant Control BD

Budding:  Some Ants have more the one queen, and they will try to start a new colony by budding. A queen’s mates and workers and some brood leave the parent colony to set up others elsewhere.

Moving Acrobat Ant Control BD:

Colonies can be perennial and mobile. If a nesting side becomes too small or is unsatisfactory the workers can move the queen and brood a new side.

Food preferences vary by species. Winged female is staring the new nest, Workers are responsible to find the food and bring back to the colony to share, this food- sharing is called prophylaxis.

A small percentage of workers leave a colony to find food. They will leave chemical trails when they find food in other to bring back to the colony quickly.

Worker’s throat is too small to swallow solid food when they found food as an alternative they use their jaws to tear off in pieces to bring back to the colony. To Acrobat Ant Control BD is important to identify the species and understand behavior in order to set up a successful and Control program