Adult bed bugs maybe 1/4 inch (ca. 10 cm) long, can lay between one and five eggs each day and may lie about 500 eggs within a lifetime. Each Bed Bugs Control in BD egg takes 10 days to hatch and 5-6 weeks to develop into an adult.

The body is flat which allows them to hides in cool, dark cracks and crevices. The nymphs are compared to sesame seed before feeding, adults can be reddish brown and became blood-red after feeding. Some people bitten by bed bugs may feel itchiness or swelling in the part of the bite. Is not known to transmit diseases and bed bugs are Not related to sanitation issues. Bed Bugs Control in BD can hide in walls, sealing, behind walls paper, cracks and crevices, mattress, carpets, furniture, theaters, airplanes. They are known that adults and nymphs can survive without food source may be a year or more. Bed bugs control could be difficult to eliminate because this pest can find so many small harborages. Hiring an expert will be the best approach to deal with this pest.