Rodents Control BD, are mammals that gnaw different materials like wood, electrical cables, plastics, etc. We personalize a rodent control program based on your needs as a commercial or residential customer, every job we inspect, look for entry points, treated or provide an exclusion job in order to solve the issues.

Our primary responsibility is to make sure that our customers are safe because rodents are transmitters of a lot of diseases like rabies, rat-bite fever, leptospirosis,rat-borne diseases is the bubonic plague, also called “Black Plague,” which fleas are responsible for this plague. Also allergies for the hairs and droppings. That is the reason why everyone should have caution when dealing with rodents.

Rodents Control BD

After that Uk Pest Control BD will follow up and make sure the system is working as we give recommendations to our customers.

In general, Rodents need food and harborage to live, survive and keep reproducing. That is why in places with an abundance of food and shelter could be rodents and nest will grow fast. Sanitation, eliminating harborage and food source will be an important role to manage Rodents Control BD end of the species some of them are nocturnal and other rodents could be seeing during the day.

Exclusion Jobs are very important as well,

Mice and Rats, for example, can squeeze through openings as small as 1/4” and 1/2”, respectively. Mice will be nesting between 10-30 feet from the food source.

Rats have different habits than mice they could travel farther from the nest, around 100-300 feet.

Call a professional to handle infestations or rodents issues.